In a village of La Mancha… There lie roots of our storied past. These roots have grown and thrived alongside us for two decades, weathering the winds of change and the market’s ever-shifting tides.

Who we are

We are a Spanish producing company of frozen vegetables. With over 20 years of international experience, we are one of the sector leading companies. Thanks to our international team, which is made up of more than 100 workers, our products are sold in the five continents.

What we do

We produce practically the entire range of garlic products from the field.

We offer a maximum quality product at the best price, paying special attention to customer service.

We innovate in products and adapt to new market trends.

The diversification of garlic products is leading this ingredient to new culinary horizons: sauces, condiments, dietary supplements, even for baking. Garlic continues to be irreplaceable in gastronomy all over the world.

Due to garlic versatility, these innovations provide garlic lovers and chefs a wider range of options for their dishes, so they can enjoy its health benefits in different exciting ways.

Our clients

We build trust relationships with retailers, other producers, and trading companies.

We adapt to our costumer’s requirements and needs offering them quality, reliability, and all kind of customer benefits.

How we work

The company is fully integrated vertically. Our activity begins in the field, planning and monitoring the crops and harvesting with our own means. Then we do the processing in our factory, and the freezing and the storage in our cold chambers. We finally pack and deliver to our clients. The traceability is therefore complete.

Comagra’s main priority is the product quality. This can be seen in the

implementation of a Quality Management System as a result of the effort and the involvement of all the staff. For this reason, we have obtained the most important and strict international certificates with its maximum grade.

In Comagra Food Ingredients there is a passion for training, care, and improvement of our staff. We participate and organize external and internal training courses, meetings, visits, forums, etc. We strongly believe that our team is our main asset.